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9 Tips for Handling Dog Hair

Great Danes and large dogs shed alot of hair. Here's some tips for you!

Owners of large dogs will always have another kind of pet lurking around the house: the dreaded DUST BUNNIES!

With large dogs in the house, the war on hair everywhere is kind of lost even before you start, but reducing and effective clean-up is always possible. Having a clean house is important to me, so here's a few tricks to reduce hair from your big dogs inside the house.

Take the Games and Playing Outside

When playing, your dogs will shed lots of hair. Always. So keep your games and shenanigans outside! Playing with your dog have quite a few upsides, and keeping a selection of toys to get varied playtime is a big positive.

Get Enough Exercise

Spending time outside will help reducing the amount of hair inside. Taking long walks and letting your dog run free will help them shed more hair outside.

Buy the BEST Doormat There is!

These doormats from Dog Gone Smart Pet Products revolutionised our fight on dog hairs and dirty floors. These mats will absorb insane amounts of both hairs and dirt. With a non-skid backing it will stay where you put it, and the microfibre strands dry very fast. Comes in different sizes and colors. Just a great product any dog owner (or parent!) should have!

I did a post on these earlier - check it out here!

Take Frequent Baths

Not you - your dog! Give your dog frequent baths. Some dogs love this, and others hate it. If you want a clean house, you need to keep your dog clean as well. Use a shampoo specifically for deshedding. Wash your dog every two or three weeks. A great choice for owners of large (or many) dogs will be the 1 gallon bottles of The Coat Handler Undercoat Control deShedding Dog Shampoo.

Brush Your Dog Weekly

Brushing or grooming at least once a week will reduce the fur build-up inside your house. Do this outside. You need to get a good brush that suits your dogs fur. Different brushes for long and short hair. Why not just get a good grooming set from Amazon?

Check out the bestselling Maxpower Grooming Rake!

Provide a Good and Healthy Diet

All dogs will shed hairs, but dogs who get a healthy diet will shed an appropriate amount for their breed. Take some time reading up on different brands of food, and if you think your dog is shedding too much hair, you should try a different brand. Your vet might have some pointers for you - why not ask at your next visit?

Vacuum Often

Not the most fun of all chores, but a necessity to keep the house free from hairs and dust bunnies. I invested in a robot vacuum, a Roomba to help out. Placement is crucial - it needs to be on the same floor of the house where the dogs stay the most.

You still need to drag the old vacuum cleaner out to get to the hard to get places, but not nearly as often as in the life before the Roomba!

Change the Bed Covers

Whatever sleeping arrangements you have for your dogs, you should change bed covers weekly. Orthopedic dog beds are great for your dogs' health, and if you cover it in some kind of blanket or bed cover it will last a lot longer. Which is a good idea since the beds costs close to a fortune. When washing the bed cover, you get rid of ridiculous amounts of hair.

Invest In a Good Dog Hair Remover

Dog hairs will hang onto almost every kind of fabric, and you need a good brush for removing hairs. One hair removed, is one less hair on the loose!

Check out an Amazon Bestseller:

You Won't Get Rid of it All

As long as you have a furry four legged friend living in your house, you have to tolerate both furballs and dust bunnies. By following the tips above, you will see that it's possible to live in a relatively clean house without drowning in dog hairs!

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