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Choosing the Best Crate for Large Dogs

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Crate training your dogs is something you'll never regret. There are a lot of benefits with a crate for your dog. A crate gives your dog a safe spot in the house that is only theirs, and the crate will function as the dogs' den. You should start crate training your dogs when they are puppies, but it's never too late to start training.

The two most important thigs to consider when choosing your crate, is the size of the crate, and where to place it in the house.

Choosing The Right Size Crate

It's important not to buy a crate that is too large. It should be just large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around inside the crate. If you are buying for a puppie or a youngster who is still growing, you should choose a size that will be appropriate for the dog when fully grown. You'll want to block off some of the extra space at first. This way there's no more room than your dog needs to lye down - no room for peeing in one corner and returning to napping in another. Some crates come with a divider wall to help you with this.

Measuring Your Dog For A Crate

Follow these easy guidelines for measuring your dog:

Length: Measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of its tail. Add 2-4 inches, and that's how long your crate should be.

Height: Measure your dog when it's sitting down. Measure from the top of its ears to the floor. Add 2-4 inches, and that's the appropriate height you need to look for.

Where Do I Put A Crate This Big?

The size of the crate might dictate where you need to place it. Dogs are very social creatures, and want to be a part of the family, and to be where everything is happening. Try placing the crate close to where you spend a lot of time with your family. Getting a crate with doors on more than one side will make placing it easier.

6 Tips On Crate Training Large Breed Dogs


The Best All-Round Choice

A large dog will also need a large crate, and

the XL Dog Crate from MidWest is a very good choice for most large breed dog owners.

The crate has doors on two sides, both with slide bolt latches that will keep the doors locked.

It comes with a an adjustable divider wall that allows the crate to grow with your pup.

This crate sets up in seconds. No tools needed. It's very easy to fold flat for convenient storage and travel.

When buying this crate, you get a sturdy and safe crate in high quality materials. There are no fancy parts that can break, and it's not a design jewel, but it will definitely do the job at an affordable price. The 48 inch will fit breeds like Rottweiler, German Sheperd, Giant Schnauzer and Siberian Husky.

Buy now from Amazon:

For an even larger version for the larges breeds like Great Dane, St. Bernard etc. you might need this one - practically the same crate, but larger:


The Best Portable Soft Crate

When you go away for a weekend, and want to bring your dog, a more portable version of the crate will make travelling a lot easier than if you have to bring the large metal crate.

This soft crate is made of durable and water resistant nylon and is very light weight.

This huge soft crate measures 48" x 31" x 31" and it's quick and easy to assemble.

This crate should not be used for crate training, as dogs pre-training might destroy this crate with their teeth and claws. Not suitable for a permanent living quarter for a dog, but perfect for the weekend getaway.

Buy now from Amazon:


The Best Crate For Travel

Finding a large enough travel crate for the largest dog breeds is a difficult task, but this one from Petmate will do the job.

At 48" x 32" x 32" it is huge! This crate meets most airline cargo specifications, but do check with the airline before showing up with this one.

A great dane might not be able to chase his tail in this crate, but he won't be bent like a banana either.

Should be very durable due to the heavy duty plastic that its made of, and this will keep your large breed dog safe when travelling.

Buy now from Amazon:

Driving Safely With Your Big Dog



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