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Large Dogs On YouTube

Once in a while we all need a break from reality, and just sit back and relax. We've collected some of the best movies with Dogs On YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

Will update list as we stumble upon other large dog-related videos.


One of many "Ultimate Big Dog" Funny-Compilations

YouTube is overflowing with biggest, funniest, "ultimatest" etc. collections of dogs. Found this one dedicated to large dog breeds. Enjoy!

10 Odd Dog Behaviors

This one answered a few of my (never asked out loud) questions!

YouTubes biggest lapdogs?

Funny because it's true. Even the largest dogs deserves a nap in a lap every now and then.

Things NOBODY tells you about owning a Gread Dane

As an owner of a Great Dane, I kind of had to put this video here. To date my favorite breed.

Human Behaviors that Dogs Hate

This video will tell you 23 things we humans do and which they tolerate because of their loyal nature, but would rather we didn't do...


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