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Every Dog Owner Should Have One

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The Dog Gone Smart Doormats should be in every dog owners house!

Dirty floors around the house is one of the (small) negatives of living with dog. And with large breed dogs this negative can be quite a nuisance.

One of the more practical items I've come across since I started out with dogs, are the mats from Dog Gone Smart. I'm already getting so excited to write about this product, that I sense that this post might be a bit "salesy", but this is really how good these mats are!

You'll never win awards for interior design with these, but the amount of water, mud and dirt these mats absorb is quite astonishing.

The backing is rubberized, so the mats will stay put, no matter how much traffic comes through, or how eager the dogs are.

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Our large dog, great dane, laying on our door mat

I've trained my great dane to stop and sit on the mat just inside the door before she's allowed to run any further. This way a bit more dirt will soak into the mat, and we get the chance to look her over and use a towel to dry her up if she's really wet and dirty.

The mats can be washed in your washing machine, and in my experience will withstand at least a couple of years' use within an active family. We use them in our cars when we take the dogs out, and have two different runners we change between in the hallway when washing the other.

The mats are made from soft microfibre materials. The quite thick mats will also make for a comfortable spot for your dog to lay down. The mat in the picture is close to five years old, and still doing the job!

These mats come highly recommended from this household!

Visit to see the full range Dirty Dog door mats from Dog Gone Smart.


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