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Review - Jolly Pets Large Soccer Ball Dog Toy

Fantastic toy for big dogs!

The last few weeks we've had a ton of fun with a new toy, Jolly Pets Soccer Ball.

It's a heavy duty soccer ball, that won't collapse if punctured. My great dane loves rolling this around, and running after it when we kick or throw it, or when we use it for Tug-of war.

I have never before seen her so obsessed with a toy! Great fun, but watch out - an eager, large dog WILL step on your foot or knock you over at some point while you're fighting for the ball!

Great Dane with Jolly Pets Soccer

It took her a few rounds of playing to learn how to pick it up, but now she'll pick up the soccer ball, and carry it around without deflating it. The ball will always return to its original shape, and seems very tough.

Great Dane with Jolly Pets Soccer

The vent releases air when your dog bites down, and pulls it back in when she releases. The material is thick and seems quite durable, and will keep its shape even with holes in it. I'm guessing the Jolly Pets Soccer Ball probably won't last forever, but it will be hugely entertaining for all of us while it does!

The Jolly Pets Soccer Ball will give you hours of fun with your dog, without any concern of the ball being destroyed and split into smaller pieces for your dog to swallow. It is not a chewing toy, so dogs shouldn't be left alone with this toy, doing their own research on durability and how the vent works.

Great Dane playing with Jolly Pets Soccer

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