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Small vs Big

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I was taking my Great dane, Saga, for a walk the other day, and one of our neighbours were doing the same. Both Mr. and Mrs were out showcasing their new, petite hairball. I use every occasion with other dogs to train with Saga. She's a big dog, and a well trained dog is a happy dog.

Saga was very interested in this little creature, but this new, little neighbour clearly was not. He tried hiding at first, but got a little more interested as the minutes went by, and they observed each other.

As Saga wanted to play with the small, new neighbour, she jumped to the ground, and this probably scared the rookie dog owners - their first instinct was to pick up their little dog.

I immediately explained the rookie dog owners why doing so was a bad idea. She thanked me afterwards, but still I felt like Mr Bezzerwizzer.

Owners of small dogs often pick up their dogs when passing us - have any of you had similar experiences?

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