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Top 3 Brain Toys for Large Breed Dogs

All dogs are not created equal. Some are LARGE and need really tough toys to play with.

We've collected our Top 3 Favorite Brain Toys here!

Just remember that dogs will react differently to different toys, and should always be supervised when playing. Some toys, like our top toy, the KONG, will not create any troubles for you. Plush toys and rope toys will tear apart after a while and dogs should not use these for chewing when alone.

The right brain toy will keep your dog entertained and occupied for longer periods than just any other chewing toy. Keeping your dog mentally active will wear them out, giving them better sleep and rest after playing. Brain toys help prevent destructive behavior, by training them to better know where to focus their chewing - your shoes never gave them a treat!

This mental stimulation will definitely give your pup a more rewarding life.

Number 1 - The Large KONG

No dog should grow up without the classic Kong. Made from durable

natural rubber it will withstand even the most aggressive chewers no matter how large! The Kong comes in different sizes, and our choice is of course the biggest one. This one measures 5 inches long (more sizes available), is dishwasher safe, will bounce unpredictably around due to its shape, and you can even fill it with treats of different kinds for even more fun for your pup.

Works as a feeding toy, or like a "ball" or fetching toy.

Saga has quite a few Kong toys. Here she is with her smaller black one filled with liver pate.

Number 2 - Starmark Bob-A-Lot

We tryed this one and our Great Dane just wouldn't leave it alone!

The feeding toy wobbles due to its weighted bottom, feeding food as your dog plays with it. It's made of hard plastic and will make some noise, but I only let her play with it when watched and not too long at a time. I'm guessing a large dog eventually will chew it apart if left alone with it, so just avoid that.

I was hesitant to try this because of its size - it just seemed too small for my Great Dane. But it was actually great! It's not a complicated game at all, but it will still keep your dogs entertained and allowing them to use their natural talent of sniffing out food.

Sturdy enough for a big dog, and reasonably priced.

Your dog will love this game, so give it a try!



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