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Why We Play

Top 4 reasons to play more with your dog!

Like humans, dogs need to use both their brain and body to live a long and healthy life. And what better way to accomplish this than through playing with your dog - this way you both will enjoy time spent together even more!

Top 4 Reasons To Play With Your Dog

  • Physical health. Your dog will be more active, and an active dog is a healthy dog. Weight issues will be a thing of the past.

  • Mental health. An active dog also uses its brain more. New toys will always represent a new challenge, and when your dog spends time getting to know a new toy, it's challenged menthally and thus will get smarter. A smart dog might be easier to train.

  • No unwanted chewing. Dogs of all ages have a natural instinct to chew. They chew to combat boredom, keep teeth and muscles in the jaw healthy, or for exploration. With chewing toys you allow your dog to live its instincts.

  • Fun for you! Some days, walking the dog might feel more like a chore than fun. When spending time with your dog playing with them, you both have a great time - who could ever resist the "please throw the ball just one more time"-look they give you with a big smile on their face? So when feeling a bit down, just take your dog and its toy (or a stick) to the park and enjoy each others company.

Saga, Great Dane, Chewing on Stick

Of course we don't always need toys to play with our dog, but the benefits of some new toys every now and then will help secure your dog a long and happy life!

You should aim to play with your dog at least twice a day for 10-20 minutes. Combining playtime with your daily walks will make it easier to find time for this.


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