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About Us

Dogs have been a hobby of ours for decades, and through owning different large breed dogs we've captured quite a bit of experience with these wonderful beings. ​

This blog and site started out as a hobby during the COVID-19-pandemic, when we all had to stay isolated from other people. The version live now is an upgraded version on a platform where it's easy for us to share our hobby and main interest with you.

Our goal have never been Best-in-show-agility-training, but well-handled dogs and a happy life with them. Happy dog - happy owners. And vice versa.

Our current dog is a great dane born in 2018. With four kids and this large dog, we have our hands full, and are loving every minute of it! 


Earlier dogs include Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Rottweiler and Giant Schnauzers. 

We have no formal training, and all of our tips and recommandations come from our own experiences over many years of owning different dogs and dog breeds in different life situations. 

We are participants in the Amazon Associate program, and through this we earn from qualifying purchases. We would never recommend a product on this site that we wouldn't vouch for. Either through own experience, or throug our large local network with dog owners.

Thanks for sticking around, and feel free to chip in on the blog with your thoughts and comments! 


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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