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Be a More Eco-Friendly Dog Owner

To save our planet, we all have to make changes to our every day lives. And that even

Great Dane out in nature close to sea

includes being conscious of our choices when caring for our large dogs. Today it's a lot easier to choose eco-friendly products than it was just a few years back. No need to wait!

Here are some tips and pointers on how to be a more eco-concious dog owner.

Walk Your Dog Close to Home

By choosing walking your dog close to home, in stead of getting in the car and driving off to somewhere else, you also choose not to add to the already high carbon emissions by transportation on our planet.

So however tempting that far-away-forest or beach might be, going these places a bit more seldom will reduce your carbon footprint by a lot!

Use local dog groups on Facebook to get tips on where to meet up or to take walks close to home. Your dog will have just as much fun these places, if you're set on enjoying the walk or playtime as well.

Choose Biodegradable Poop Bags

Avoid plastic poop bags! They will end up in land fills, and will never break down to anything but hazardous microplastic.

When disposed of properly, most biodegradable poop bags will break down within a year.

Choose a large bag with handles for your large dogs. This will make it a lot easier to pick up the poop, and to make a knot to keep the odors locked in.

Choose Organic Grooming Products

When washing your dog, use an organic shampoo made with natural oils and other non-toxic ingredients. You can even try making your own shampoo with baking soda!

Some dog shampoos are not only harsh on your dogs skin, but harmful to wildlife and oceans when washed down the drain or onto your lawn.

Especially avoid shampoos and other products containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), as this ingredient has been proved with use over time will enhance the risk of cancer, and will negatively impact marine life.

Choosing a shampoo like the Buddy's best will give you a vegan product, safe for your dog and environmentally safe grooming product. For owners of large dogs, always get the big bottles! Bigger bottles equals less waste.

What's This Toy Made Of?

In stead of buying plastic-based toys, look for better and more eco-friendly alternatives.

A household favourite of ours is the Kong. All large dogs should have one of these.

Natural rubber is used in a lot of toys, so it should be easy to pick a fun and eco-friendly alternative.

Other options include sustainably sourced ropes made of hemp. These natural ropes are biodegradable and safe for your dog.

Beef or Chicken?

A really large contributor to green house gases on the planet today, is large livestock like cows. Swapping beef-based foods for other protein-based, like salmon, chicken or turkey will reduce your carbon footprint.

Dogs need a protein as their main energy source, and poultry like chicken and turkey are lean meats that will provide this without a big calorie count. This will help build a lean muscle mass. Poultry also provides Omega 6 fatty acids that will help sustain healthy skin and shiny fur.

Swapping to chicken-based foods will not only keep your dog happy and healthy, but also help keeping the planet healthy!

Being aware that your choices actually impact the environment will help you make more eco-friendly and sustainable choices. Let's try leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible whilst giving our large dogs a healthy and good life!


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