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Stay Visible When Walking Your Dog in the Dark

Walking your dog in the dark can be a very rewarding experience. There are several reasons why you occasionally should do some dog-walking at night - my favorite reason is that the streets are usually less crowded, leaving you and your pup for some great alone-time!

Before you embark on your nightly rounds, make sure both you and your dog is visible!

All dogs turn invisible to cars and cyclists at night, even large breeds, like Saga, my Great Dane. This is why we need reflective or illuminated gear like collars and reflective vests to stay visible in the dark. Reflective or LED gear might be a life-saver, not only in traffic, but also to avoid hunting accidents when out in nature.

Dog in headlights
Dog in headlight. Credit:

(No need to say that YOU also need to be visible in the dark. Always wear some reflective gear on you when taking a walk in the dark, with or without your large furry friend!)

Use a good LED Dog Collar for dog-walking in the dark

You definitely need a LED Dog Collar for your large breed dog when walking in the dark. LED technology has made these collars a lot better the last few years, and I found a favorite in the Illumiseen series.

A good LED collar will keep your dog safe and visible with a vibrant and bright light, that any vehicle or other danger will spot well in advance during walks and running at night.

Avoid collars that need batteries. Buy one you can charge with USB, as it will be easy to find a charger when needed. Battery-time is also a thing to consider - the batteries should last for at least a few hours use after charging. And as a bonus, the rechargeable LED collars are more eco-friendly than ones where you're constantly throwing away used batteries.

For fun and fashion considerations, choose a collar where you can change the colors.

Your dog can't go swimming with these as they are weatherproof, not waterproof.

Reflective Vest, Dog Coat or Dog Harness

Finding a reflective vest or harness for your large dog should be easy enough at your local pet shop or online, but actually wearing them seems harder to remember.

The harness gives you extra visibility, and you can also find ones with LED lights. Higher visibility equals a safer walk with your canine friend at night.

Reflective vests or dog coats will also give your dog some shelter from the elements, keeping them warmer when walking in the rain and snow. Look for a padded coat when choosing one for the cold winter nights.

If you want to check out a premium brand dog coat, try the Weatherbeeta coats, which come in a large variety of sizes and styles. These dog coats could be a great christmas present or birthday gift for your large dog!

At you can find an excellent size chart. This makes it easy to find the right size gear for your large size dog.

More tips on walking your dog in the dark here:


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